NSF PAESMEM Records Management

Award – NSF PAESMEM Records Management

Award Announcement

NSF PAESMEM Records Management

GOH would like to announce the April 2014 award for the National Science Foundation NSF PAESMEM Records Management and Digitization Services.

NSF PAESMEM Records Management

Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Engineering and Mathematics Mentoring (PAESMEM) is an honorary awards program recognizing mentoring excellence in STEM. In 2013, nominations for the award were submitted to NSF in email format. The program requires support services to transfer paper documentation to an electronic format for upload to NSF’s electronic jacket system. Documents from the nomination submission and from the implementation of 10 review panels have been produced.

Specific support services for the PAESMEM program include the following:

  • Data entry of nominations into NSF’s electronic systems
  • Tracking and organization of paper nominations and reviews for scanning and filing into appropriate hardcopy jackets and upload into NSF’s electronic systems
  • Scanning nominations into electronic format and into appropriate electronic systems
  • Scanning individual reviews and panel summaries into appropriate electronic systems


Award Announcement

NSF COV and Technical Writer Support

GOH would like to announce the August 2013 award for National Science Foundation (NSF COV) and Technical Writer Support services.


The National Science Foundation commissions program reviews by panels of external experts; Committee of Visitors (COVs), to monitor and maintain high program management standards, receive expert guidance and advice to perform as a model organization, and to ensure foundation-wide transparency for the research and education community served by the Foundation. This contract will provide technical writing and editing support services in the development of Final COV Reports.

Award – NSF GS3NA

Award Announcement

NSF GS3NA Conference Management Support

GOH would like to announce the June 2013 award for the National Science Foundation Gender Summit 3 (NSF GS3NA) – North America Conference Management Support.


The National Science Foundation (NSF) Office of International and Integrative Activities (OIIA) will host The 3rd Gender Summit – North America (GS3-NA); an international gender summit to bring together key stakeholders in an effort to make positive change towards greater diversity in the science workforce and greater inclusion of the gender dimension in research content. Past Gender Summits (2011 and 2012), which took place in Europe, have established a better understanding of the importance of addressing gender issues in science as a condition of improved science excellence and creating new markets for science knowledge. GS3-NA will bring together research and policy leaders, gender scholars, scientist and engineers whose work involves the gender dimensions, as well as other important actors who play a key role in shaping the science and innovation systems: research funding organizations, professional academies and associations, science journal editors, industry, and civil society organizations. This summit will deliver concrete roadmaps for these groups of stakeholders to use in their response to the call for action to make positive change towards greater diversity in the science workforce and greater inclusion of the gender dimension in research content; and for advancing gender in science knowledge and in engineering, giving women and men an equal role in research and innovation as co-owners and co-solvers of the grand societal challenges.