The National Institutes of Health Conference, Administrative, and Travel Services III (NIHCATS III) IDIQ Contract provides a broad range of support for Meetings and Conferences to NIHCATS-III customers across the federal government.

GOH is a NIHCATS-III IDIQ prime contract holder. The NIHCATS-III activity is a $100M IDIQ vehicle intended to help NIH and other federal agencies acquire high-quality contractor support for robust domestic and international event and travel requirements. The range of services supported under the NIHCATS-III scope includes, but is not limited to: domestic and international travel support and escort services; translation and preparation of program documents; accommodations; subsistence allowances for participants; logistical support for conferences, meetings, seminars, and workshops held in the United States and abroad; writing, production, and distribution of conference materials; website design, development, and management; and much more. 

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All Federal Agencies can leverage the NIHCATS-III streamlined acquisition vehicle.

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