NASA Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (NSTEM) Services Contract

Guardians of Honor has been awarded the NASA Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (NSTEM) Services contract. The GOH team will deliver a diverse range of enterprise-wide STEM Engagement services, including internships and fellowships, awards and grants support, STEM content and products, participant recruitment, workforce and career learning experiences, K-12 STEM engagement, educator professional development, collegiate competitions and challenges, institutional support for research and development, and performance assessment and evaluation services.

We are excited to help NASA attract and build “a vibrant and diverse next generation STEM workforce that will continue the nation’s legacy of exploration and discovery” (NASA Strategy for STEM Engagement 2020 – 2023.)

NSTEM is a 5-year contract with a maximum potential value of approximately $290 million.

Read more in the NASA Contract Release:

Learn about the NASA Strategy for STEM Engagement (2020 – 2023):



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