• Technical Writing, Literature Reviews, Briefings, Reports, & Publications
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Data Collection, Analysis, Reporting, & Visualization
  • Program, Project, & Meta-Evaluations
  • Surveys, Interviews, & Site Visits
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis

The GOH Research and Evaluation service area encompasses a broad range of functions – from line by line policy analysis and quick turnaround responses to high-level external inquiries to the execution of rigorous mixed methods evaluations. Our research and evaluation solutions help our clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of grant program management functions, inform strategic planning and decision making, hone outreach and communications initiatives, promote successes, and better understand what works for who in what context.

Explore these sample project snapshots to gain a better understanding of GOH Research and Evaluation solutions:

NSF NSDL Program Evaluation

GOH is in the final phase of a three phase mixed-methods evaluation of the NSF National STEM Education Distributed Learning (NSDL) program—a transformative federal open education resource program. The forthcoming report provides insights and recommendations for the growing fields of cyberlearning and big data, and establishes best practices for web-based collections. Earlier stages of the evaluation included the development of a program impact logic model, an evaluation of multi-stakeholder usability, metadata analysis, summary and analysis of NSDL annual and final reports and data, and summary and analysis of evaluation data generated by the NSDL community. Our team used this information to determine the health and sustainability of the NSDL program and projects, assess NSDL digital services and tools, and conduct detailed case studies on user experiences in subsequent evaluation phases. Earlier, in 2010, EHR contracted GOH to conduct an analysis of its early cyberlearning awards using data from the abstracts of funded projects in FY07-FY09. The team used SAS’s Text Miner and Enterprise Miner and successfully demonstrated that text-mining technologies and related tools could uncover topics and concepts implicit in the abstracts and reveal patterns of relationships across sets of projects. This novel methodology was designed specifically for NSF award data and project report information. The methodology was adapted and employed to conduct content analyses of project reports and artifacts in support of this evaluation activity.

Research and Evaluation Supporting NSF Grant Programs

Since 2004, GOH has provided analytic, technical, program management, and outreach support for NSF EHR Grant Programs, including support for NSF Committee of Visitors (COVs) and the EHR Evaluation and Knowledge Management initiative (EKMI). COVs are external panels of experts charged with reviewing grant program administration, management, and performance at the program-, office-, division-level, or directorate-level to inform grant program policies, procedures and budget justification and enhance program transparency. In support of EKMI, GOH provided grant project, program, division, directorate, and portfolio management, data analytics, tracking, assessment, and reporting solutions to support post-award administration, monitoring, reporting, and high-level accountability. The GOH team developed numerous trackers and tools to support various levels of GPRA financial and performance reporting for more than 30 discretionary grant programs within NSF. In addition, GOH was instrumental in data extraction and analysis, budget analysis, and strategic planning and reporting required for EHR mission critical activities, including preparing reports in compliance with the Government Performance and Reporting Act (GPRA), Performance and Results Act (PART), American Competitiveness Initiative (ACI), American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and the America COMPETES and RECOMPETES Acts. Our reputation for high-quality analytics and data management enabled key GOH resources to become invaluable assets in strategic program performance, management, and impact reporting activities incorporated into more than 20 congressional responses and testimonies and countless outreach activities.